What You Can Do to Eliminate Complications of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can cause a number of complications that should not be ignored lest they worsen and develop into potentially more serious concerns. Fortunately, there’s a great deal you can do at home to treat dry eyes and eliminate those complications.

What Are Dry Eyes?

Tears serve an invaluable purpose for the eyes and the overall human body. Tears properly lubricate the eyes, so the eyes can properly and healthily perform their duties for the full duration of a person’s life. Tears also remove foreign irritants from the eyes that can cause illness and disease of the eyes and the body in total. In the relatively common condition known as dry eyes, the tears that the body produces are, for one reason or other, insufficient to properly lubricate the eyes. There are a variety of possible causes of dry eyes, most of which can be classified one of two ways: either the body is producing insufficient tears, or the tears the body produces are of inadequate quality to sufficiently perform their functions.

What Are the Complications of Dry Eyes?

On a practical level, dry eyes diminish the sufferer’s quality of life. Dry eyes reduce a person’s ability to enjoy many common, everyday activities, including reading, driving, watching TV, cooking, sleeping and socializing with family and friends.

Of perhaps more serious concern, however, dry eyes can also lead to a number of more serious medical concerns. Left untreated, dry eyes can develop into eye infections, for one. This is because the production of tears is integral to the removal of foreign elements that can cause infection. Dry eyes that are left untreated can also lead to the inflammation of the eyes, corneal ulcers, corneal surface abrasions and other vision concerns.

How You Can Eliminate Dry Eyes Complications at Home

There are several simple steps you can take at home and in your daily life to get rid of dry eyes and eliminate the complications they cause. Many of these steps are designed to eliminate dry eyes by improving their hydration. Others are designed to remove the factors that cause dehydration of the eyes.

One of the easiest steps you can take to improve the hydration of the eyes on a regular basis is to carry eye drops with you and use them whenever necessary. You can also run a humidifier in your home. Additionally, increase the amount of water you drink every day. The current, prevailing recommendation is drinking at least six glasses of water per day. Increase that amount as body weight increases beyond the average. For best results, be sure to drink slowly, and spread those glasses out over the course of the whole day.

In addition to improving your body’s hydration level, you can also help to eliminate the complications of dry eyes by eliminating the habits and behaviors that cause dry eyes. Smoke and heat are dehydrating factors. Therefore, avoid smoke in all forms, and when you go outside in the sun, wear a hat or sunglasses. Dry eyes can also be a symptom of eye strain. Long periods of staring are one cause of potential eye strain. Therefore, when watching television or using a computer, be sure to take frequent breaks from staring at the screen. Similarly, insufficient rest makes eyes more sensitive and easier to strain. Therefore, each night, be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep.

Follow this simple guidance, and you can eliminate the complications of dry eyes, and start enjoying life with clear, pain-free, strain-free vision.