5 Ways “The Pill” Can Help You

Everyone knows that hormonal birth control is a great way to prevent pregnancy, but did you know it has other great perks, too? Finding the right combination and dosage of birth control can be a trying process but when you find the one that works for you, it can be magic. Keep reading to learn more about what “the pill” can do for you!

1. Contraception

As mentioned above, the main purpose of hormonal birth control pills is contraception. Because you take it each day, it is a more reliable birth control method than condoms when used correctly. It is also less invasive to the sensations of sex, making it the contraceptive of choice for many couples. Just remember that “the pill” is only designed to protect you against unwanted pregnancies, not STIs, so always use a condom too when you are with a new partner!

2. Clear Acne

Many women who suffer from severe acne find that birth control pills help clear their skin. Male hormones like testosterone are the cause of pimples and dark body hair and every woman’s body produces some of them. If a woman makes more male hormones than is normal, she can experience extremely painful and unsightly acne and body hair. Taking “the pill,” which contains female hormones, can slow the production of the male hormones in your body and therefore help clear breakouts and get rid of unwanted body hair.

3. Ease Cramps

If you suffer from painful menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea, taking hormonal birth control can make periods less terrible. First, “the pill” thins the lining of the uterus, making it less painful to shed and reducing the amount of blood loss. Birth control pills also trick your body into thinking you’re pregnant, so your body produces less of the chemical that causes painful cramping. Because “the pill” hinders ovulation to keep you from getting pregnant, it also eliminates any ovulation cramping you may experience.

4. Stabilize Mood Disorders

Nearly every woman feels moody or “down in the dumps” right before or during her period. But if you suffer from a severe form of PMS called PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), birth control can help. Unlike PMS, PMDD causes symptoms like depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, and intense anger to the point where it interferes with your daily activities. Pills specifically containing the hormone drospirenone have been proven to reduce PMDD symptoms and let you get on with your life. “The pill” also helps regulate your hormones so there are no spikes and valleys, the cause of mood swings associated to your menstrual cycle.

5. Regulate Periods

Worried about irregular periods? Give birth control pills a try. They are designed so that you know exactly when you will get your period. Some women can anticipate it down to the hour! Your package of pills for the month contains three weeks’ worth of “active” pills, the ones that contain the hormones. It also includes one week of “inactive” pills and you will get your period whenever you start taking those. Some pills are designed for a longer “active” session so you can go up to three months without getting a period. Always remember to follow your specific prescription and doctor’s instructions when taking your pills to avoid any complications.