Top 3 Most Common Cancer Treatments

The body is made up of many normal healthy cells. When something sets off transformations in a normal cell, a cancer cell is created. This cancer cell will grow and start to multiply, creating more cancer cells that affect the body in different ways. If not treated, it can spread and affect the other parts of the body.

Treatment Types

Here are the most common types of cancer treatment, how they work, why they are used, and what to expect from them.


Surgery is the most popular treatment for cancer so far. Most cancer-stricken people will undergo a certain type of operation. It offers the greatest hope for a cure, especially in cases where cancer has not affected other parts of the body.

It has always been used to treat cancer even before. It plays an important part in diagnosing cancer and finding out how far it has spread. Thanks to advances in surgical techniques, surgeons are able to successfully operate and save the lives of many patients.

The patient has the most chance of surviving the operation especially if performed at an early stage or has not spread yet. The right way is to remove all cancer as soon as possible after diagnosis. However, solid tumors may need additional treatments like chemotherapy, and other cures, to completely eliminate cancer.


Chemotherapy (chemo) is the treatment of cancer wherein medicines or drugs are used to treat cancer.

Doctors have been using it to treat cancer as early as 1950 with success. The drugs used have been fully tried and tested and have been confirmed to kill cancer cells.
Different drugs are being used depending on the nature of cancer and its current stage.

The chemo is used to:

  • Stop cancer from multiplying.
  • Slow down the growth of cancer.
  • Kill cancer cells that may have reached other body parts.
  • Relieve pain or blockages triggered by cancer.
  • Cure cancer.

Sometimes it is the only treatment needed, but it is being used together with the two other treatments. It may be used to reduce the size of the tumors prior to radiation or surgery. It also helps to kill any cancer cells left behind, and may be used with other treatments if cancer redevelops.

Radiation Therapy

This therapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer and uses high-energy waves to fight or kill the cancer cells. It uses special equipment to direct high doses of extreme energy waves to the cancer cells. It prevents the cells from growing and multiplying. These waves can affect both cancer and normal cells, but unlike cancer cells, normal cells have the ability to repair themselves.

Sometimes radiation is the only treatment needed. Other times it’s one part of a patient’s cancer treatment plan since it treats just the tumor, affecting only the part of the body being treated.

There are other medical techniques that are developed and are currently being used to treat cancer. So far due to their success, these three treatments are the most commonly used alone or in a combination with the others to treat cancer.