Treating the Cold vs. Treating the Flu

The cooler months are commonly known as the cold and flu season. Because the terms are always placed together, most people think they’re the same sickness. Technically, they’re not the same. When someone has the flu, they actually are facing a more severe battle than someone facing a common cold. Not very many people think to look at the difference between cold and flu terminology. Doing this is beneficial because when an individual is suffering from one of these illnesses, they’ll know how to treat it better if they know what they’re dealing with.


Treating the Cold

The common cold is a mild respiratory illness. There are a few causes behind a common cold. The causes include interacting with people who have it and/or not practicing good hygiene. It can also flare up when a person’s body isn’t kept warm in cooler environments. Antibiotics and over-the-counter drugs are usually not very effective in helping a person get better from the cold. In the case of the cold, it is best to rest, drink fluids, enjoy hot soups and broths, consume lots of fruits with Vitamin C and let the cold run its course.

Treating the Flu

The flu is an upper respiratory illness, but it can easily morph into pneumonia. Out of all causes of the flu, the main culprit is way the virus travels. Flu viruses usually travel in the air when a person sneezes or coughs and they have the flu. This is one of the main reasons why many people carry antibacterial wipes, disinfectant sprays, and hand disinfectant. If someone sneezes in their hands, touches their keyboard and then you touch the keyboard, you’re in very real danger of catching the virus and getting the flu.

This is why it is very important for people with the flu to stay home and get better. There are three ways to treat the flu. Visit the doctor for professional medical treatment and antibiotics to beat it. Stay home and rest as much as possible. The body needs to rest to fight off the virus and repair itself back to health. Lastly, drink tons of water and fresh juices. Try to stay away from sugar-filled juices at the grocery store. If possible, drink fresh juice made with fruits and vegetables in the juicer. This is a much healthier route and keeps the body free of processed sugar. Processed sugar weakens the body.

The difference between cold and flu symptoms may seem pretty subtle. However, when a person’s flu symptoms morph into pneumonia, there’s nothing subtle about those painful symptoms. As soon as symptoms appear for either illness, be proactive about treatment and practicing proper hygiene to stop the illness in its tracks.