A Look at the Benefits and Drawbacks of Getting a Flu Shot

The pros and cons of flu shots have been debated repeatedly in recent years. Many people have been left confused since the science behind the vaccines is not easily for everyone to understand. Here is a look at the benefits and drawbacks of getting a flu shot.


Protect Your Health

The main benefit of getting a flu shot is that you will be protecting your health. The flu might seem like just a temporary illness but it can actually be devastating in some situations. The flu can be fatal especially to the elderly. You could get respiratory infections or other conditions with the flu. A shot protects your health.

You Might Temporarily Feel A Little Down

One of the cons of getting a flu shot is that you might feel down for a little bit. This is often misinterpreted by people as the shot making you sick. The reality is that you might feel like you have a cold for a couple of days because that is how your body produces the antibodies to fight the flu. The feeling will pass and is usually mild.

Prevent Others from Getting Sick

Another of the pros of getting a flu shot is that you will be protecting your friends, family, coworkers and community. You could be a carrier for the flu days before any symptoms show. This means you could infect other people unknowingly and contribute to an outbreak. The shot stops you from becoming a carrier.

There Is an Extremely Rare Chance of an Allergic Reaction

The major con most people think of with flu shots is that there is an extremely rare chance of an allergic reaction to something in the vaccine. This can cause serious problems. It is important to remember that only around one out of every million people has an adverse reaction and it can often be mitigated.

No Interruptions in Your Daily Routine

A pro is that you will not likely experience interruptions to your daily routine with a flu shot. You will not become sick and miss days of work or have to isolate yourself from your family. You will not have to avoid going to crowded places for fear of catching the flu.

You Will Probably Need To Get a Shot

A final con is that you will probably need to get a shot to receive the vaccine. Nasal sprays are available but are not in common use yet. Some people have problems with needles. The flu shot is usually administered quickly and painlessly, however.