Recent Developments in Diabetes Research

One disease that is getting a lot of attention today is diabetes. This disease is spreading rapidly throughout the world, but it is also one that is often preventable. Diabetes research is ongoing at the major medical centers and is helping doctors develop better treatment for those who suffer from it.

Some Reasons for the Research

Understanding a disease better and how it works enables doctors to use science to develop better approaches and solutions, medicine, and possibly a cure. As a result of what has been learned already, many people are able to live longer, and also can enjoy healthier lives.

Diabetes affects millions of people in the United States, and children and even adolescents are now developing it in growing numbers. More than 85 million people have prediabetes and many do not know it. Soon, it could develop into type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women also suffer from a form of it during pregnancy, called gestational diabetes.

Many Diabetes Research Projects Are Taking Place Now

A lot of money is being poured into diabetes research every year. Several hundred projects were conducted during 2014 and many more are being conducted this year by leading organization and academic institutions.

Current research is looking at environmental and genetic factors leading to its development, better ways to monitor blood glucose and management, and how to develop insulin simpler in cases of type 1diabetes. Researchers are also seeking to discover ways to prevent type 1 diabetes in relation to family members.

Diabetics Can Learn Much from Current Information

The ongoing research is constantly pouring out new information. This often results in the provision of better tips for diabetics on how to control or even prevent the disease from having a heavy toll on their bodies. It is important that those with diabetes stay informed about new developments from research, or else get a doctor to treat them who stays informed.

The Development of the BioHub for Diabetics

One recent project among researchers has been what is called the BioHub. This is a mini-organ which imitates the action of the pancreas. It is basically islet transplantation of a bio-engineered organ, and it contains thousands of cells that produce insulin as needed. So far, it has been shown to be able to successfully reverse diabetes.

Join a Diabetes Research Project

If you have diabetes and would like to help find new solutions to it, there are many clinical trials taking place now. Go online and find out if one is taking place near you. Then contact them for details and see if you can be a part of medical history in the making.