Great Dieting Tips for Diabetics

If you are living with diabetes, you need to pay even more careful attention to what you eat. It is very important to know what foods are good for you and what to avoid. If you eat a healthy diet, you can manage your diabetes a lot better. Here are some great dieting tips for diabetics:

Do not Eat Too Many Sweets

Although you don’t need to cut out sweets altogether, it is very important to monitor your sweet intake as a diabetic. Eating too many sweets can make it a lot more difficult to control your blood sugar levels. If you are craving a sweet treat, make sure to eat it with a meal. If you eat something sweet by itself, it can cause your insulin to spike.

Be Careful With Fats

Whether you are eating out or at home, it is important to limit the amount of fat in your diet. Diabetics have a higher risk of heart disease, so eating too many fats is not a good idea. Understand that saturated fats and trans fats are the healthiest fats around and can clog your arteries. When you do include fat in your diet, get it from healthy sources like salmon, avocados and nuts.

Eat Regular Small Meals

It is easier to regulate your blood sugar levels if you eat regular small meals every day. Instead of eating three meals a day, eat six quick meals. Eating every few hours will also prevent you from overeating.

Choose Complex Carbohydrates

You do not have to avoid carbohydrates, but you do have to choose the right ones. Simple carbohydrates, like white bread,, pasta and white rice, can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. If you eat complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, rolled oats and whole wheat pasta, they will keep you from producing too much insulin and help you stay fuller longer.

While life as a diabetic can be challenging at times, it is still possible to eat a normal life, If you follow these dieting tips, you can maintain a healthy weight and keep your diabetes under control.