Simple Lifestyle Changes to Support Eyesight

There are many simple lifestyle changes that can be made to protect and maintain your eyesight at current levels. Eyesight is recognized as one of the most important senses for functioning in society and tremendously affects wellbeing. Often people notice vision loss with age, but these steps may help you to avoid such pitfalls.

  1. Maintain eye health by wearing sunglasses that absorb UV rays. Hats with wide brims, ball caps, and other protective gear can also limit the harmful rays that reach your eyes.
  2. There is some research indicating that vasodilators and beta blockers encourage macular degeneration. Speak with your doctor to see if there are natural remedies or replacements for these prescriptions for maximal eye health.
  3. Make sure that whatever sport you play, your eyes are protected. There are thousands of sports related injuries each year that can lead to either temporary or permanent vision loss with most of the injuries occurring in water sports, basketball, and baseball/softball. Many of these could have been prevented with proper eye protection.
Eye health
  1. Seeing an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam including the dilation of the pupils is recommended for people every few years with the frequency increasing to yearly if a patient is over 65, has a former eye injury, or there are additional health complications. Some eye disorders do not have symptoms and can only be detected by an eye doctor.
  2. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen it is recommended that you take a break every 20 minutes or so to promote eye health. A change in pace or scenery once an hour can help reduce strain on the eyes. It is important also to reduce glare on the computer screen and provide good lighting.
  3. Eat healthy foods that are good for eyes. Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are great options. In addition, quit smoking and stay as healthy as possible by maintaining cholesterol levels, blood pressure, diabetes, and other common health problems. Exercise and staying active is another great way to augment your health and keep your eyes healthy.

You can’t control every aspect of your eyesight but these are steps that can help in preventing damage and maximizing your vision.